Improving Product Branding and Packaging with Product Embellishment

Injection MouldingBusiness success largely depends on your ability to meet and satisfy your client’s needs without compromising the company’s mission and vision. While there are many competitive products in the market, you can always ensure that your products are outstanding, making you lead all year round through better branding within packaging regulations.

Product Embellishment

Product embellishment boosts the appeal and visibility of your products, thereby increasing your business sales. The common methods of product embellishment include injection molding, die casting, resin doming, among others.

Injection Moulding

Injection molding uses custom-made molds to create 3D products. The custom made molds—usually brass or steel depend on the size of your product. The molding process utilizes thermosetting polymers of different characteristics to bring out a refined product. The common finishes you can achieve with injection molding include spray, metallization, soft touch rubber coating, among others.

Die Casting

Die casting is a process that utilizes high pressure to convert molten metal into a mold cavity. The conversion process uses hardened steel containing a number of cavities depending on the product size. Die casting uses a cold or hot chamber machine depending on the type of metal in use. Often, most medallions consist of die castings whose material is mainly non-ferrous metals, such as lead, aluminum, and copper.

Resin Doming

Resin doming uses a metallic foil substrate to produce a template. The template then undergoes printing using silkscreen or embossing on hot foil. Specialists then correctly select resin domes areas so to add the final finish. Resin doming is flexible for both curved and flat products and allows the creation of various levels of design.

The consumers’ perception of your product can either make or break your sales. Proper branding and packaging could be the missing part in your business success puzzle. Invest in quality product embellishment with a branding company to add value to your products and meet your client’s expectations.