Importance of Conveyancing Solicitors

Conveyancing refers to the process of transferring ownership of houses and properties. This includes all the administrative and legal work.

What Conveyancing Solicitors are for

You need conveyancing solicitors when you are planning to buy and sell a house in the UK. Homeowners need professional help and advice on the process because it tends to get confusing and time-consuming. Those who are remortgaging their property will also need to do this.

Conveyancing solicitors have the legal knowledge needed to complete the necessary process. They especially come in handy with more complicated cases such as leasehold or corporate properties.

The solicitors are the ones who carry out the process and begin as soon as the property has an offer and the owner accepts it. Solicitors who represent the owners will need to coordinate with the solicitors acting on the buyers’ behalf.

The Cost of Hiring Conveyancing Solicitors

Conveyancing service fees may vary depending on the service required and the value of the property involved. The conveyancing quotation covers two categories:

1. Basic Fees
The basic fees cover the solicitor’s time. The method of computation for the fee is either based on a fixed rate or hourly rate.

2. Disbursements
The disbursements are the costs that your solicitor faced and these are the fixed charges made during the process. These include the local authority searches, environmental search, bankruptcy search, drainage search, stamp duty and land registration fees.

The process usually takes between six to eight weeks. This is if both parties cooperate and get the papers done on time.

We all hope for a smooth process with our transactions. We also want to minimise the risk of legal problems arising in the future. To be safe, we must choose a conveyancing solicitor we can trust and depend on.