Ideal Machines for Those Looking to Burn Calories

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One of the healthiest and most efficient ways to lose weight is by burning calories. There exist all manner of machines that will promise to burn calories in minimum time. Not all workout machines are, however, efficient in burning calories.

It is advisable to work with a personal trainer in a Portland, OR fitness club such as those from to pick the best machine for your weight loss journey. He or she will also advise you on how to exercise on these machines to burn calories.

Here are some of the machines your trainer might recommend.

Stationary Bikes

Bicycling utilizes the quadriceps muscles to burn 500-1000 calories each hour. Most people, however, do not burn these many calories since they let momentum take over while they pedal at a relaxed pace.

For efficient burning of calories on a stationary bike, aim for not less than 85 rpm (rounds per minute) and turn the bikes up to a resistance level that will challenge you.


An hour on the treadmill burns 600-1200 calories. For a constructive treadmill workout, opt to jog, sprint or walk uphill. Jogging works only if you opt to jog at a challenging pace.

Trudging on a steep incline might be physically demanding for your body but do not to hold onto the railings as this takes the weight off your legs. Walking on a treadmill is not efficient if you are aiming to lose calories.

Stair Climber

The efficient stair climber for weight loss is the never-ending rotating staircase belt. An hour on this machine burns about 800-1400 calories. Exercising on a stair climber works on your thigh and butt muscles and also engages your legs.

For maximum calorie burning and stability, touch your knuckles to the railings as opposed to holding onto them.

An hour on an elliptical trainer will help you burn 600-800 calories. Choose a high resistance for your workout on an elliptical trainer. This is more efficient at burning calories compared to choosing a fast pace.