Ice Dams: Know When to Act

roof ice in the winter

Ice dams are a problem by themselves, but the serious issues they can cause are even worse for your house. Things only get more complicated if you try to remove ice dams by yourself. You might hurt yourself in the process if you use a ladder that is resting against a compromised part of the roof or gutter.

Rather than exposing yourself to dangerous accidents. When you notice the following, it may be time to get help from a roofing contractor in Howard County:

Snow on the Roof

Sure, snow can melt on its own if snowfall hasn’t been particularly heavy, but if snow days keep piling up, you’ll need to do the job yourself. Snow weighs down your roof and gutters and could cause them to collapse or bend out of shape. What you don’t realize is snow may have already been melting in other parts of the roof because of the heat coming from the attic, but unmelted snow may be causing the ice dam.


When the melted snow cannot run off through the gutters because of the unmelted snow blocking its path, it can get too heavy that it starts to seep through the foundation and cause leaks. You’ll notice moisture in your attic and wonder about the source, not realizing it’s because of the roof system being damaged. If this is the case, the ice dam is already a serious issue, and you should act immediately.

Gutter or Roof Bent Out of Shape

You know there’s something wrong when the gutter is bent, or the roof is out of shape. Though it may not be easy to determine the problem on your own, a roofing contractor can look at it and have an idea of what’s causing the gutter or roof damage. They can also handle the removal of ice dams more safely, thanks to their experience.

Ice dams are a big problem when snowfall meets warming temperatures. Don’t wait for roof damage to worsen before you act.