How to Tell If the Diamond Ring You’re Buying is Worth the Price

Diamond Value

Diamond rings may cost a fortune, but if you’re buying an engagement ring for your loved one, it is a worthwhile expense and an investment that will last for years. There are various ways to test a diamond’s authenticity at home, but when you are shopping for a ring, you need to determine the diamond’s worth just by looking at it. Feel at ease when shopping for a ring by looking for these two features:

GIA-Certified Diamonds

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a research and educational institute that provides diamond grading reports. It does not appraise the diamond but provides expert analysis on factors that affect the stone’s worth such as carat weight, color, cut, and clarity.

Buying a diamond ring is like buying a house or vehicle: you need paperwork to protect your investment and prove its authenticity. In the case of the diamond, a GIA certification proves it is a real diamond and the jeweler is selling it for a fair price.

GIA is independent of any sellers, so expect reliable jewelers to provide GIA-certified diamond rings. AAA Jewelers supports this, attributing their 70-year operations in Utah to providing GIA diamonds that are priced fairly based on the diamond’s certification.

Buy from a Certified Gemologist

Apart from ensuring certified diamonds, you need to make sure the gemologists are certified. Gemologists – persons who study diamonds and other precious stones – undergo certified training. During their training, they learn how to provide reliable advice and information on gemstones and other characteristics shoppers want to know. You can find them working in jewelry stores, identifying authentic jewelry and providing accurate appraisals on the spot.

When it is time to shop for a diamond engagement ring, choose a trustworthy jewelry shop for a diamond ring worth the investment. Remember to check for certifications and a gemologist’s advice to avoid buying a flawed or overpriced ring.