How to Make Your Home Appliances Last Longer

Woman using air conditioning appliance

Modern home appliances boast a long lifespan that goes beyond ten years. With proper usage and regular maintenance, you can have your appliances serving you faithfully without breaking down and incurring hefty repair bills.

On average, most appliances have a durability life of 10-13 years. Well, that is if you handle them carefully. Unfortunately, many home appliances don’t live out their life spans.

Improper use of home appliances lowers efficiency and increases the chances of a breakdown. Try to remember these things when handling your washing machine and other appliance.

Respect the Limits of Your Appliance

In a bid to get more done within the shortest possible time, people tend to push their washers to the limits. Best Home Appliance, a reputable appliance repair service company, says that jam-packing sheets, towels, and clothes in the washer all in one go spell nothing but bad news. For starters, you’re overloading the machine, speeding up the wearing of parts and premature breakdown.

Do this often enough and you’ll be weighing the option of paying a rather stiff repair tab or buying a new washing machine. Again, overloading your machine increase the likelihood of having to rerun a cycle when the clothes fail to rinse out properly. Not only do you get to waste a lot of time but also water and electricity.

Regular Maintenance

While it might not be easy to discern until it’s too late, home appliances need regular maintenance as would your car. Unfortunately, most people miss the subtle signs that indicate that their precious appliances need servicing. For instance, if you find that your refrigerator hum is getting louder by the day, you might want to call a repair service.

It could mean a problem with the condenser fan motor, evaporator fan motor, or the evaporator fan motor grommet. Ignoring such developments only cause the problem to compound and could lead to an eventual breakdown.

Home appliances spell a great deal of convenience for you and your household. It is therefore imperative that you keep them in great working orders to increase efficiency as well as their lifespan.