How to Invest in Collectible Toys

Collectible Toys

Toys are valuable because of the joy they give you. They’re also valuable because they remind you of better days. They are especially valuable now because they could be worth a fortune.

Toys Stay in the Box

Most of the valuable toys sell in auctions and command five-figure prices. A 1970s collectible action figure of Luke Skywalker sold for $25,000 at a Sotheby’s auction, earning the owner half a million dollars for his Star Wars collection.

The price, though, depends on the condition of the toy. For one thing, it has to stay in the original box. For another thing, it has to be in mint condition. In short, many fortune-changing collectible toys are rarely played with, as was intended. This means you have to decide if the toy’s potential rise in value weighs more than its potential for fun. Once you figure out the answer to this dilemma, you can begin your journey as a serious toy collector.

Make the Right Choice

Action figures from movie franchises, such as Star Wars, are not the only ideal investments for collectible toys. Financial news and services website, TheStreet, recommend childhood toys, among others, as another valuable choice.

Collectible toy experts also mention unfortunate incidents as indicators of future toy profits. One example includes the demise of Robin Williams, whose 1970s Mork action figure triggered a rise in sales. However, Star Wars collectibles still command the biggest attention when it comes to good toy investment.

Craftsmanship also factors in choosing the ideal collectible action figure. Global Gear also sees highly accurate details matter, from the material to the points of articulation to the tiny components.

Your toys are not just for playing anymore. They could become a good investment for your future. Make sure to choose the right toy, though, and keep it in good condition.