For Hospitality Businesses: This is How the Mind of a Tourist Works

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Psychology is an important aspect of marketing regardless of the industry your business is in. It helps you explore the needs and wants of customers; your knowledge on these matters will help you improve the way you sell your products and services to your customers.

You can use psychology to detail the behaviours and motivations of guests. Some of them may make you realise the importance of buying management rights, initiating rewards programs or implementing changes that will improve the image of your business.

Read on to learn more about how the minds of tourists are generally wired.

The Need to Travel

With cheaper air fares and travel itineraries and activities that come in bundles, travelling has become quite a necessity. The need to travel is basically triggered by a few factors, which generally fall under these categories: socio-psychological and cultural motives.

Socio-psychological motivators include escape and relaxation. Cultural triggers, on the other hand, cover your thirst for education or your desire to connect with other cultures.

The Guidelines Behind Hotel Selection

Guests use their own sets of criteria when choosing a hotel. The criteria typically follow the hierarchy of needs, which is formulated by Abraham Maslow.

Physiological needs, in the context of hospitality, may refer to the type of food served, the quality of bed, and other comforts provided by the hotel. Safety needs, which are on the second level of the pyramid, cover the security of the hotel, from the neighbourhood to the profiles of guests.

The social needs, which come next, may refer to the feeling of belongingness. Esteem needs may cover feeling of self-importance. Customer service is crucial in these areas. At the top is self-actualisation, which is characterised by the guest’s overall experience within the duration of his stay.

These are only some of the social and psychological factors you need to consider for your hospitality business. You can use them not only to improve your branding and marketing strategies, but also to further all the services you provide your guests with.

Readers Comments (3)

  1. I never realised the parallels between customer service and Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs until I read this article. Among these needs, hoteliers should be more concerned in safety and security. A safe hotel is what draws more tourists in than points of interests and hospitality freebies.

  2. I agree, security is oftentimes more important than the destinations themselves. Next to it is the way you make your guests feel important. Guests always want to feel important and honoured. Focus on rewards program.

  3. Travel is a need? Really? I quite disagree on this statement. Travelling is still expensive, especially if you’re flying overseas. Nevertheless, the rest of the points covered are valid and acceptable.


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