For Home Sellers: The Art of Negotiation


Selling your home can be downright daunting. You will have to improve the kerb appeal of the property and look at the shifts in the real estate market at the same time. The most stressful part, however, is the negotiation process.

It’s difficult to find a suitable buyer, but it’s harder to pitch your property to a prospect who challenges you. Advantage Settlements recommends figuring out the needs and the buying behaviour of your buyer, so you can negotiate the best price.

Here are some things to keep in mind when speaking to your buyer:

Who’s Your Market?

You won’t be able to negotiate the best price if you’re targeting the wrong market. When listing your product, see to it that the description attracts the right buyers. Understand your market in terms of lifestyles, purchasing power and unique requirements.

Invest In Staging

Improving the kerb appeal of your home involves staging. When it comes to this, focus on making your home look roomier and highlight the most appealing parts of the house when giving your buyers a tour around.

Structure Your Offer

Position yourself to secure your buyer’s acceptance. Don’t be pushy when stating the price of the property. To make your offer sound objective, use facts and figures to explain how you have arrived at the price. Explain how the assessors have calculated the value of the property. Buyers are likely to accept your offer if biases are eliminated.

Be Careful with Your Words

Be careful how you word your offer. Saying that the property is ‘bigger than yours’ or ‘safer than yours’ may make the buyer think that you’re insensitive. Emphasise the use of powerful and hypnotic words, such as ‘you,’ ‘new,’ and ‘guarantee.’

Most importantly, always create a backup offer. If you give your buyer more than one option, they are likely to stay with you.

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