Home is Where the Heart Is: In-Home Care Services

Home is Where the Heart Is

In this type of personal care service, the professionals come to your home to assist your loved one, and not in a hospital. This is particularly useful for the elderly and the seniors; people commonly call these professionals as ‘caregivers.’

The range of in-home services helps you care for your loved ones at the comfort of your own home, hence its name. Hiring professionals to assist with daily living and other activities will help your loved ones live as comfortable as possible. It can also reassure you that your family receives all the attention and care that they deserve.

RDNS explains that there are different kinds of in-home care services. These are either medical or non-medical in nature, and include the following:

  • Homemaker services: Here, the professional helps your loved one with household tasks, like cooking and shopping.
  • Companion services: In this type of assistance, the professional help with the supervision of recreational activities and visiting.
  • Medical and skilled care: Medical professionals perform these services, including help with wound care and dressing, physical therapy, giving injections, etc.
  • Personal care services: Here, the professional helps with the daily living activities, like bathing, dressing and toileting.

You also have the option of hiring an agency or an independent care provider. When considering hiring an agency, this significantly reduces your workload, since the agency would have already screened the care providers.

On the other hand, if you want to hire an independent provider, the costs are lower, and you have your pick of who will provide the services to your loved ones.

Still, the best thing to do is to ask your doctor for a recommendation. Since a physician knows the patient’s whole situation, he can recommend a good service that can provide all the services you require. As the elderly need all the help that they need, find a good in-home care service with a reputation for kindness and gentleness.

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