Here’s What Your Trainer Thinks of Your Gym Snaps and Selfies

Gym Selfies

There was a time when gym selfies didn’t exist. Recently, however, workout photos have become more ubiquitous as gym rats embrace this trend. The phenomenon has sparked discussion online: studies, such as the one conducted by the Brunel University London which found that posting one’s fitness routine may signal narcissism, painted the trend in a negative light. On the other hand, some star trainers think that progress photos or selfies can play a role in helping gym-goers achieve their fitness goals.

Gym Selfies Can Help Motivate You

A number of a-list trainers encourage their clients to take progress photos and quick snaps of their workout routine. This can help the person gauge their improvement, find motivation and stay on track, whether they’re working out to develop a six pack or to eventually pursue a career as a personal trainer.

Furthermore, trainers for the stars Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott say comparing ‘before and after pictures’ can be helpful for people who wish to shed some pounds, add muscle or tone up.

Celebrity trainer Kayla Itsines also says that although ‘her whole life is fitness,’ she admits to sometimes losing motivation, too. When that happens, she reflects on her progress photos to remember how far she’s come. She also suggests that people hitting a slump should do the same, too.

Gym Selfies Can Help Motivate Others as Well

Transformation stories are making their rounds on the internet, and you might already have seen one or two yourself. Given that working out and preparing healthier meals daily is a difficult task, it’s amazing to read about the people who lost 30 or even 500 pounds.

So, don’t be too quick to dismiss selfies. Documenting your own transformation story, including all the hurdles you had to jump to achieve your weight goals, might make a huge impact on someone else’s life as well.

Keep taking photos. Raw and honest photos that eschew complicated angles or editing make an excellent visual timeline of how your dedication led to your gradual transformation. As author of Shut Up and Run, Robin Arzon puts it, ‘It’s okay to take a selfie on your route…if it keeps you moving, great!’