Healthy Mouth for an Athletic Kid

A collection of mouth guards

If your child is an athlete or excels at playing sports, you are surely a proud parent. But along with being proud, it is also essential to help your kid stay healthy at all time. One important component of this is making sure that they care for their teeth even when they’re out of the field. Having proper oral hygiene is important, as well protecting their mouth while playing.

Mouthguard Matters

Kids’ dentists in Murray note that sports uniform involves more that kneepads or helmet. If your child plays an active sport, make sure they wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth, lips, and jaws in case of injuries. This should fit properly and should be worn in both practice and an actual game. It is good to know that many players feel good when wearing them, which regularly becomes second nature.

Options for mouthguards include:


These are more expensive, but they offer the best comfort and fit — as the dentist personally makes them.

Stock products

These are cheap but don’t provide the best fit, and may make speaking a challenge.

Boil and bite

These are usually available at drugstores and sporting goods store. They come with special instructions and offer a better fit than stock guards.

Be Wise About Drinks

When it comes to quenching thirst, choose water instead of sports or energy drink. Such beverages contain a lot of sugar that will fuel the bacteria in the mouth attacks and weakens the enamel. This can increase their risk of developing cavities. Also, make sure that your child has a well-balanced diet that doesn’t have a lot of sugar.

Good Dental Habits

In the event of a sports injury, having unhealthy or weak tooth increases the likelihood of damage. This makes it even more important to prevent decay or cavities from happening. Help your kid maintain strong and healthy teeth by brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing once daily. Lead by example to promote healthy dental habits.

Help your child become a better and a healthy athlete with proper mouth care. Instill good habits at a young age, so they continue to do so at a later age.