Health and Safety Risks That May Be Present in Your Home

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Safety should be everyone’s concern. From the highway to the driveway, you meet dangers along the way. So when you get home, you should at least be at your safest.

The problem is many homes are actually more dangerous to health and well-being than the outdoors. This is because people tend to feel more comfortable at home than anywhere else, so they don’t think to inspect their indoor environment for risks.

Here are only a few of the risks you should check for at home to keep your family safe.


Moisture is natural, especially if the weather is wet and cold. But if there’s too much moisture in a particular area such as your home, it may present problems.

Humidity rises inside the house, giving it that “damp smell” and a feeling that the indoor air is heavy. Your appliances and the electrical wires in your walls may be affected. The worse news, however, is that moisture in shaded areas can lead to the formation of mold and mildew.

Mould can cause allergic reactions, respiratory diseases, or even death in extreme cases. Not only is it going to cause parts of your house to rot, but it may also cost you your health.

Radon Gas

This radioactive gas that’s naturally present in the environment is the product of uranium decay in soil, water, or rocks. In small amounts, radon is not a threat. But if your house is built over or near uranium-rich soil or bedrock, the concentration of radon is much higher.

It can enter your home and pose a high risk to health. Radon testing in Provo is important in ensuring your family’s safety from the release of this gas. The risk of death from cancer caused by radon is one in 100. You don’t want to take those odds.


A gas leak, an exposed wire, and even water spilling from the sink can cause a fire. To make sure the risks are low, have the fire department check your home. Have fire extinguishers in strategic areas of your home.

Never leave an open fire when cooking. Keep flammable objects away from sources of fire. Never let your kids play with matches, lighters, and other objects that may cause a spark or an open flame.

Don’t risk the safety of your family and your property. Be mindful of the things that may cause diseases or other dangers. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.