Have You Been Hit? Recover from Google Penalties with these Strategies

Google penalties

A Google penalty for your law firm’s website can cause a lot of headaches and cost a lot of money. With competition extending into cyberspace as well, you cannot afford dramatic drops in rankings.

Here are the different types of Google penalties that will seriously affect your marketing strategy success and ways you can get back on track.

Keyword-Related Penalty

This type of penalty involves a website getting hit for a certain keyword. This usually happens when you over-optimized your page for a target term or phrase. Stuffing too many keywords or keyword-related links is a tactic Google seriously frowns upon. Keyword stuffing should never be in your strategy. Google wants you to create relevant content that uses appropriate keywords.

Manual Penalty

Unnatural links pointing to your site is another factor that could potentially hurt your rankings. To fix this, you need to clean up bad links. Work with digital marketing experts who specialise in Google penalty recovery for lawyers. Send a reconsideration request to Google after fixing the links and explain that you have taken appropriate actions to make sure your site is compliant with Google’s guidelines.

Algorithmic Penalty

Penguin and Panda are undoubtedly the biggest and most significant algorithmic updates. Launched on February 23, 2011, the Panda update focused on content quality. To recover from a Panda hit, you must first know what caused your rankings to drop. This may be due to poor-quality content, slow page speed, or too many ads.

Penguin, on the other hand, focused on backlinks and anchor text distribution. To recover from a Penguin penalty, you have to get rid of link scheme violations.

Have you been hit by a Google penalty? Review your marketing efforts. Remember, your law firm website is your representation online. A drop in rankings may reduce your chances of getting more clients. When you suspect a Google penalty, it’s best to work with specialists so you can get back on track.

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