Have a Spa Business? Here are 3 Improvements You Can Make

a woman receiving a massage

A total of 179 million spa visits were made across the country in 2015, according to Statista. This showed a three-million increase from figures in 2014. The key lesson here is that more people are visiting spa these days.

And if you know how to make a spa visit more profitable for you, the business will surely grow. Aside from having top-of-line spa equipment and services in Salt Lake City, here are other improvements you can make to skyrocket your sales.

Take care of your loyal patrons

In business, it is always cheaper to keep old clients than generate more leads or make new ones. Do you know that an average salon or spa business is only able to keep 30% of their new clients? Can you imagine how profitable it would be if you can keep between 70% and 80% of your new clients and customers? This is why many businesses have rewards systems for loyal patrons: so they can encourage more sales from the people who are already buying from them.

Invest in training and innovation

Like every other industry or business, you need to invest in new technology so that you can offer new treatments to you new and old clients. You also need to invest in personnel training from customer service to marketing. This way, you empower your people, increase retention rates, and generate more sales. Remember, happy employees mean more profit for you.

Plan and execute strategic promotions

Apart from offering a rewards program for your loyal patrons, make sure that you come up with regular, timely, and strategic promotions. If you don’t know where to start and especially if you don’t have a marketing manager to help you out, go online and check your competitors on Facebook. Look at what they are doing and do better. In the long turn, hiring a marketing manager or digital marketing official is a wise investment.

On top of all these, keep your equipment functioning well so that you can offer the best value-for-money experiences to your clientele.