How to Go All Out for Your Prenuptial Shoot

prenup shoot

Planning a wedding with the love of your life is the dream. These days, you can immortalize that feeling forever through prenuptial photos. Professionals at Jaylynn Studios know that pre-nuptial shoots have become a normal part of wedding planning.

Read the tips below and get yourself ready for that all-important photo shoot.

Practice Your Poses

It’s your time to shine, so why not shine bright? Practice your poses in front of the mirror to build that confidence. Find your best angles and work on a perfect smile. You can also prepare a soundtrack to get you and your hubby-to-be in the mood during the photo shoot.

List Your Shared Interests

A good way to enjoy a photo shoot is by doing what you love as a couple and capturing those moments. Whatever it is, you just have to let loose to get that perfect shot. It would be easy yet hold a lot of meaning.

Leap Into Fantasy

You can do the opposite of reality by going to the extremes and living out your most bizarre fantasies. Have fun with it and play with costumes and looks. Don’t be afraid to experiment and step outside your comfort zone.

Find a Happy Place

Aside from the theme, location is also a significant aspect of your prenup photo shoot. Make sure that the theme and location will complement each other. It can be anywhere – a location as simple as your home or maybe even a destination photo shoot. You can also look back and shoot in locations that are significant, such as where you had your first date or other celebrated other important moments as a couple.

Talk to Your Photographer

Your photographer should know exactly how to tackle the shoot. Meet at least a couple of times prior to the shoot so you can exchange ideas and come up with a more creative approach together.

Give it all you’ve got and just cherish the moment while the photographer takes great photos of you and your better half. Incorporate these prenup pictures into your wedding, either as part of the save-the-date announcements, the actual invites, or as part of your guestbook and other wedding essentials.