Get to Know the Different Types of Drywall

Construction of a building interior showing drywall tape and finish detailsDrywalls are popular because they make it easy for anyone to bolster the interior design of a house. These products or materials can adopt different shapes. But you should know that giving them different shapes is not the only way to increase their aesthetic value; you can opt to enhance the beauty of your drywall with a twist of functionality.

The type of drywall that you install in a room, as well as its design, often depends on the purpose of the room. That said, here are some of the few types of drywalls currently available on the market:

Soundproof Drywall

This drywall is ideal for people who usually practice or make music in their houses, or those with a home theatre and would like to keep the noise from being a nuisance to the neighbours. This type of wall is made of laminated materials that are usually a mixture of gypsum, wood fibre and polymers; therefore improving the acoustics of your room. A soundproof drywall is harder to cut than the regular drywall, as it is denser, but advanced drywall tools can make the job easier.

Type X Drywall

You might have rooms that are prone to fire. In that is the case, a fire rated or Type X drywall is your best option. It is made of unique non-combustible fibres that make your room fire resistant. For the drywall to achieve a higher fire rating, manufacturers often increase its thickness. This type of drywall is difficult to cut given its thickness, so you will need the help of professionals who have better tools.

Green Board Drywalls

This type of drywall is a little more expensive than the regular ones, as it is moisture resistant due to its green covering. However, the fact that it is moisture resistant doesn’t make it waterproof. Therefore, do not use it in areas where it will be exposed to plenty of water.

The list of drywalls is, by far, longer than the examples above. But the twist that these drywalls offer your home’s interior makes them even more convenient to use than the rest. Revolutionise your interior today using one of these options.