From Chore to Game: Make Your Kids Look Forward to Brushing Their Teeth

Pediatric Dental Care

Are you having trouble getting your little one to brush their teeth? You’re not the only one. Toddlers’ infamous stubbornness have turned simple chores into one exhausting bout of tug-o-war after another that you don’t always win. Motivate your kids to brush their teeth by turning it from a chore into an exciting event, instead. advises parents to make tooth brushing into a family affair, for instance. Join your kids in brushing their teeth to show that you enjoy it and to serve as a good role model. Another way to encourage tooth brushing among toddlers is to give them free reign in choosing a toothbrush. It’s ok to give suggestions or choices but allow your child to make the final decision.

If they really don’t like brushing their teeth, try buying an electric toothbrush.

Bells and Whistles

Electric toothbrushes are just as effective as regular brushes but have a lot of bonus features to entertain kids. Many come with stickers or add-ons to help children personalize their toothbrushes. You can let them change the designs every month to keep things fresh — give them something new to look forward to every few weeks.

Some battery-operated toothbrushes have music to entertain toddlers. Others even have a timer to help them remember the recommended brushing time of two minutes. The most high-tech toothbrushes come with free mobile applications. These partner apps help turn tooth brushing into an actual game. Kids can earn points, prizes or other incentives when they brush their teeth that help them advance in the app.

ABCs of Brushing

Take note: building the habit of brushing their teeth is only effective if your little ones are doing it correctly. First, guide your kids on how to hold the brush properly. Help them move it gently over their teeth before letting them do it on their own. Make sure to remind them to reach even the teeth at the back of their mouth. Don’t forget the tongue, too!

Teach children the correct way of rinsing and storing their toothbrushes. Moreover, replace kids’ brushes every three months. You may even have to do it sooner if they chew on the brush bristles or develop a cold or mouth infection.

Encouraging your kids to brush their teeth can be an enjoyable activity. Just remember to be patient and supportive, and soon, they’ll start taking the initiative to brush their teeth.