Foundation Problems: Avoid Them in 3 Smart Ways

Home Foundation Repair

A sturdy foundation is one without any cracks or crevices. It stands the test of time and seasons. It also defies all odds, from harsh weather patterns, such as strong winds, to massive flash floods and lightning. But what are the secrets to maintaining an outstanding foundation? Read the tips below and discover some of the top ways to keep a firm foundation.

Maintain proper moisture

With adequate soil well compacted around the foundation, there is a need to maintain a consistent amount of moisture around the base of your foundation. This can be done by installing a hose pipe or home sprinkler a few meters close to the foundation so that you water the soil at least once a day.

Experts say that a uniform and consistent moisture level prevents uneven stress caused by contraction and expansion of the soil layer around the base of your foundation. As a result, cracks or crevices are precluded in foundation walls, cutting back on repair costs.

Install the right drainage system

For a durable and long-lasting foundation, a proper drainage system is a must. It’s important that you get one installed by experienced foundation contractors at points where all pools of water around the foundation can be drained. Van Matre Construction, LLC notes that this comes in handy, especially during the rainy season when floods are a possible menace that can wreak havoc in your home.

Ensure proper grading

When building the foundation, ensure that the ground gently slopes away from the house. This helps drain excess water away, preventing it from reaching the foundation walls, especially during the rainy season. Also, the soil under your foundation must be adequate, compact, and robust so that it holds the foundation in place come the dry or wet seasons.

When investing in a house, a strong foundation must be your top priority. A well-established foundation not only stands the odd weather but also saves on repair costs. With the above tips, your investment will be well maintained.