For Better or For Worse: Reasons to Hire a Marriage Counselor


Marriage is the intimate union of a man and a woman bound by their love for each another. In a marriage, these two individuals have vowed to be together for the rest of their lives.

No matter how much you love your partner, however, you know that fights and arguments are inevitable in the relationship. If not resolved, frequent quarrels may eventually cause you to drift apart.

There are instances when love isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. But before the situation gets worse, you may want to seek marriage counseling for the following reasons:

  1. You don’t communicate anymore.

Some couples hate talking about their problems. Instead, they focus on blaming each other, leaving one or both of them depressed and withdrawn. According to Compass Family Counseling, a professional can help them clear things up and settle the issues.

  1. One partner commits infidelity.

If one partner had an affair, it may be difficult for the other to forgive, let go, and move on, as the thought of the betrayal keeps him or her from recovering. A skilled counselor can help them recognize and resolve the conflict.

  1. The couple seems to just “co-exist”.

They no longer talk. They act like housemates; each one is attending to his or her own thing. These are clear hints that the couple should start seeking an expert to help sort out their marriage issues.

  1. The couple can’t reconcile their differences.

When the partners are aware of their differences but can’t seem to settle them, they must consider counseling. A professional can help them accept one another and improve their relationship.

  1. The couple only stays together for their children’s sake.

Couples should stay together because they love one another, and not because it’s “for the best interests of the kids”. Doing so is actually detrimental for the kids, as staying together with hatred for one another can lead to frequent fighting. Fortunately, a professional counselor can advise couples on how to rebuild their relationships.

There is no shortcut to a successful marriage. Every couple must work hard for it. And if everything else fails, there are relationship and marriage counselors who can help.