Finding the Window of Opportunity in Replacing Windows


As a homeowner, you need to stay abreast in terms of maintaining your home so that it does not lose its curb appeal and overall value. One of the most neglected areas of the home is its windows. Most homeowners do not feel the need to add new windows to their home until it has totally given out. Depending on the level of wear and tear, experts recommend upgrading your windows after several years of use to ensure optimum functionality and beauty.

Fortunately, there are some signs when you need to replace your windows. Some of the more telling ones are:

• Difficult to Open or Close

Finding a window difficult to manipulate is one of the first signs, especially if the windows are wood. Wood is susceptible because constant exposure to the elements makes them prone to warping. Metal windows, on the other hand, can rust.

Windows possess an inherent “balance” which keeps the window propped up while open. Loss of balance can make your windows prone to slamming shut, which can injure anyone who happens to touch the windowsill at the time.

• Presence of Condensation

For people that have double-paned windows, condensation can build up in between the glass panes. Presence of condensation means that there is likely a seal failure. The presence of white fog covering the windows means that there are already calcium deposits due to condensation.

Areas with variable climates are the biggest culprits for this window failure; for example, the replaces new windows in Salt Lake City all the time.

• Strong Draft

Windows that let cold drafts in more than they should means that the window is ripe for replacement. Weather stripping may temporarily solve the problem, but is merely a band-aid method that only solves the symptom, not the cause.

Windows have long life spans, but some can fall into disrepair or neglect and need replacement. Call a professional if you notice these problems, before it devolves into a bigger one and exposes the home unnecessarily.

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