Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Granny Flat

Building Your Own Granny Flat

If you’ve always wanted an extra room within your home, then a granny flat is the ideal space for you.  As the name suggests, a granny flat is a part of a house made suitable for elderly people. However, its versatility also makes it ideal for children moving out for the first time, or for relatives who need more comfort and support.

A granny flat usually contains a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and a separate laundry area. The home extension has a maximum size of 60 metres for living purposes, and 12 metres of outdoor space. More homeowners invest on granny flats because apart from being a functional dwelling, granny flats also add value to homes.

Building a granny flat is easy, but choosing the right location for it can be tough sometimes. Here are three things to consider before picking the ideal area for your granny flat.

The Size You Need

Do you need a small or a large granny flat? How many people does it need to accommodate? Home extension builders, like, say that the location of your granny flat will greatly depend on its size. Your backyard can provide enough space for a small granny flat, but if you’re planning to build a bigger one, then you might need to buy more land to accommodate it. Outline your granny flat thoroughly, to assure the size and space you will need.

The Design You Want

A granny flat is another chance of building a home you really desire. It is important to be creative and practical when thinking about the design of your home extension. Choose an area with a nice view if you want a patio or a spot with good greenery if you plan to extend a backyard. Make your granny flat a space you can live and be comfortable in.

The Space You Have

Remember that a granny flat is an extension of your home, which means that you need to make use of any remaining land you own. If you only have a small area remaining, then you might want to reconsider building an extension. Cramped granny flats are no good, since they will only disrupt you and your neighbourhood. Measure your space and the size of the flat you plan to build, to assure that there is enough area for you and your family to enjoy.

A granny flat is a smart investment and a good way to keep your loved ones close. Before building one, make sure to plan the building completely and think over the requirements you will need.