Falling Isn’t a Trust Exercise When it Comes to Roofs


An Illinois roofing company was cited by authorities for failing to provide workers with fall protection at their construction sites – again. This particular company has gotten several warnings for their safety violations since 2008, with the most recent citation coming in 2013. It’s amazing for any company to be able to ignore safety regulations as much as this one has, since their employees should all probably be six feet under.

This isn’t even a joke; roofers can fall to their deaths with the simplest of slips. Companies that don’t comply with fall protection standards are gambling with the lives of their employees. What’s worse about this whole situation is that it’s completely avoidable. Roofers know the risks of the job, but more importantly, they know how to avoid them as well. There’s no need to face such dangers anymore, making the fact that workers are still getting injured in their duties every year such a pity.

Instances of negligence like this reflect negatively on the entire industry, even the responsible ones like Croixco Construction are affected by the failings of their competition. It’s one thing to for the business to take a hit for something the owners failed to do, but to suffer a blow for something someone else did is unfair.

The Operational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) outlines what companies need to do to keep their employees safe while they work, and many of them are simple to accomplish. The primary goal is to provide workers with a safe walking environment by using railing, toe boards, or floor hole covers. Companies may have to provide their people with safety harnesses, nets, and handrails, but the cost is nothing compared to losing a human life.

The Wild West days of roofing are over; taking risks that endanger lives isn’t the way people do things anymore. A roof built by people who don’t have to worry about falling every time they move is always going to be sturdier than one that caused someone to break their neck.

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