Eyeing Your Teeth: The Public’s Perception of Invisalign

Invisalign in UK

The Invisalign treatment, a custom-made series of clear aligners, gradually moves your teeth into place. The treatment procedure can last from at least three to six months, depending on the number of teeth you need to straighten. As an alternative to conventional braces, Invisalign provides patients with an obscure method to fixing their teeth.

MiSmile, a network comprising more than 40 independent dental practitioners, cites how the treatment has helped more than three million patients. The network defines Invisalign as the perfect way for patients to create their dream smiles without having to disrupt the normalcy of their daily lives.

What Does the Public Think of Invisalign?

Since being made available to the public in May of 2000, Invisalign has had a number of reviews. Most patients who have had the treatment are quick to mention its convenience. Since the perception of orthodontic treatment, such as regular braces, rejects the likeness of adulthood, Invisalign has become a welcome procedure to many people.

Adults who have had to deal with crooked teeth can remedy their conditions with the clear aligners without having to feel self-conscious. Miriam Shaheen, a patient of Invisalign, says that the treatment was ‘really easy, really convenient’ and that nobody noticed her wearing the aligners. Thanks to its transparency, patients undergoing the Invisalign treatment can go on working and living without the embarrassment that comes with wearing metals and wires in their mouths.

Patrick Arends, another Invisalign patient, describes the treatment process as ‘pure magic’. The treatment has given him a renewed sense of confidence. While Holly Smythurst sums up the whole treatment in one word: ‘flexible’. This is due to the aligners’ removability. You can take off the aligners if need be, allowing you to clean them as you re-acquaint yourself with the feeling of a mouth unobstructed by any fixture.

People who need orthodontic treatment such as teeth straightening look at Invisalign as a viable option. After all, in comparing it to conventional braces, what reason could you have to not choose Invisalign instead?