Essential Yard Care Tools for a Beautiful and Healthy Lawn

Lawn Care Garden

Let’s talk about lawn care. Putting together a toolkit for your lawn takes time and patience, and a good measure of rationality. If you do not have a fire pit or a thickly wooded yard, for example, you probably do not need a chainsaw. But if you’re keen on maintaining a healthy and green yard, there are certain must-have tools to include in your list.

Tools for raising healthy, green grass

A lawn mower is the primary tool for grooming the lawn. You could spend a day sifting through available options and still not find what you need (or can afford). What you have to think about before buying the first mower you see at the shop is what the grass and garden need. Are you okay with manual controls or are you more the type who finds satisfaction in automation?

Meanwhile, an edger can keep the grass trim and well manicured. You may also use this on bushes and small plants. Think about purchasing an edger if you have the budget for it.

Must-have for fertilization

You might be thinking you will just apply fertilizer by hand. If you haven’t done this before, heed expert advice. Fertilizing the lawn by hand is time consuming. A spreader is the essential tool for lawn fertilization. But if you really want the best results, get professional assistance. Companies like Greenside Landscaping offer lawn fertilization services that cover all aspects of law care, including nutrition, disease control, and weed removal.

Rake, trowel, and hose

A person can’t call themselves a respectable gardener without a leaf rake, a trowel, and a garden hose. These are requisite tools in any well-maintained yard. A rake is has multiple functions, and are quite handy in spring and fall. A trowel is not just for digging holes, but transferring plants into pots and mixing fertilizer. A hose is the main tool for distributing water to your lawn. Simply, you cannot do without these tools.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the long list of essentials when searching online. Think about what you need to keep the yard healthy and green.