Effects of Damaged Gutters on Your Property

House Gutter System

Gutters are an important yet typically overlooked part of all properties. They protect the interior and exterior portions of your home from water damage. Well-maintained and installed gutters also significantly enhance curb appeal.

Damaged gutters, however, are very common since property owners do not appreciate the risks associated with them. Repairing and cleaning gutters can get them in proper working shape. But there are times when getting a new rain gutter in Utah is the only solution to your damaged gutters. Here are some of the problems the new gutters will help you avoid.

Rotting of structural wooden components

The fascia boards that hold up your gutter system are typically wooden. Damaged gutters cause water to build up, which, in turn, causes your fascia boards to weaken and rot quickly. Wooden sidings and walls will also suffer extensive damaged from broken gutters. Unfortunately, wood rot and decay cannot be reversed.

Foundation damage

The primary task of a good gutter system is to keep water away from your foundation. Damaged gutters allow water to pour over your building’s sides and pool around your foundation. The water buildup contributes to mold growth and cracks in your building’s foundation or in extreme cases the foundation’s collapse.

Creation of ice dams

Damaged gutters thwart water drainage. In cold months, pooling of water in your gutters leads to the formation of ice dams. The ice dams, in turn, bring about significant roof damage with their weight. They also cause the gutters to completely strip away from your home and leave it exposed to considerable water damage.

Most property owners consider buying and installation of new gutters an expensive venture. All the above effects will leave you with higher bills compared to what you will need to get new gutters. If you want to save money, therefore, invest in new gutters immediately you notice an irreparable issue.