E-commerce Personalization: There’s so Much More Than Product Recommendations

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A majority of e-commerce retailers are used to leveraging algorithms to personalize their website, specifically for product recommendations. Why not? The most accurate product recommendations make the most of users’ present intent and individual preferences, so they can aid them in finding products that are suitable for them right at the time they’re browsing your site.

However, a personalized e-commerce experience is more than just personalized product suggestions. You could also consider personalizing the following:

Category Recommendations

Sometimes, online shoppers just browse online stores without looking for anything specific. In select places of your e-commerce website, like your homepage, you could recommend product categories that a user would find relevant. This is instead of displaying a typical list of categories you’re looking to promote, suggests SEO Werkz and other digital marketing experts and SEO consultant in Salt Lake City.

Relevant Navigation

Ensuring that shoppers could browse your website easily should be one of your main goals, and one easy way to help them navigate your site better is to display relevant links they could easily spot. In general, display certain options for navigation that are relevant to the user’s past and current session behavior, purchase history, intent and interests, as well as content consumption. This is so that they could spend less time searching for things and more time actually buying things.

Brand Recommendations

Aside from recommending specific products and categories, you could recommend relevant brands to each shopper. For instance, you probably feature or highlight certain brands on your homepage, but instead of displaying the same brands for all users, consider displaying brands relevant to each shopper. When a shopper spots a brand they’re loyal to or like, you increase the chances that they buy something in your store.

While product recommendations are extremely valuable tools, you could use algorithms to offer an even more personalized online shopping experience for users. You could also modify brand recommendations, category recommendations, and relevant navigation dynamically so they could all be relevant to every individual.