Don’t Let Crooked Teeth Ruin Your Patient’s Perfect Smile

Girl smiling on dentist chair

Everyone wants that dazzling superstar smile that gets heads turning, but genetics and, sometimes, life has different plans. In such instances, they need some help getting there. As a dental practitioner, you can correct overcrowding and misalignments without ruining the aesthetic appeal of a patient’s mouth.

Unlike the traditional braces, clear dental aligners you can get from providers such as Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab are largely invisible, making them less embarrassing. With the help of these custom-built retainers, you can offer discrete yet efficient treatment options for your patients and improve their smiles.

No embarrassments

Traditionally, braces, which comprise brackets interconnected with wires, were used to correct dental anomalies. Understandably, the wire in the mouth situation is a minefield – a potential source of ridicule and embarrassment. As a result, many people picked their crooked teeth over the metal mouth situation.

Unfortunately, doing so put their teeth and overall dental health at risk. Luckily, you can provide them with better solutions thanks to innovative dental technology such as clear aligners. These types of braces are made of acrylic or clear plastic material, making them invisible when slipped over the teeth.

Custom dental solution

Since aligners are custom made to a patient’s mouth, they fit like a hand in glove. You only model their teeth to get a mold then create clear a set of aligners that correspond to the imprint of their teeth. With digital technology, you just need to scan a patient’s mouth and then print the braces in 3D with a 3D printer.

Such technology makes it easy to create custom braces every time you need to make an adjustment to accommodate the shifts in the teeth. Since the length of treatment varies from 10 to 24 months, and you need to change the retainers every two weeks, such technology comes in handy.

As these braces are removable, persuading our patients to correct misaligned teeth is no longer an uphill batter. Patients would be happy to learn that they can take them off when they need to brush and floss, which enables them to maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Again, they don’t have to keep them on when eating, which lets them enjoy a meal. Crooked teeth can ruin a perfect smile in addition to putting your patients’ oral health at risk.

Luckily, you can now correct such anomalies easily with clear braces while saving them the embarrassment that comes with the traditional braces.