Don’t Forget to Improve Security in Your Business

Office Burglar

While technological advancements mean more cyber security threats to businesses, you still have to prepare for break-ins and physical theft. As you upgrade your cyber security measures, you can also beef up your property’s security.

Here are some of the upgrades you can do to improve physical security in your place of business:

Add Flashing Lights

You may already have security cameras, alarm systems, or security guards in your office. You can still get such basic security features if you own a startup. Other than these typical security measures, you can add flashing lights into the mix. Flashing lights, when coupled with an alarm system, can work well to deter burglars.

Install Sensors and Motion Detectors

You can even use sensors and motion detectors outside your building. Set these devices to disregard passerby on the sidewalk, but to sound the alarm when someone walks near the windows or doors. The sensors and detectors can work well with the alarm system and the flashing lights.

Install Security Doors

Do you have a garage for deliveries and other uses? Why not install a commercial garage door that doubles as a security door. This type of door can definitely keep burglars out. Consult a commercial garage door company in Utah for installation services and quotes.

Reinforce Windows

Besides the doors, have you thought about the windows? You can cover those openings with burglar-resistant glazing to strengthen the glass. Otherwise, you can replace your windows with glass or other materials that have been specifically designed to prevent break-ins.

Manage Keys

It may be old-fashioned, but an excellent key management system can enhance your business security. Ensure that only the authorized personnel have the keys to your office. You can number and code the keys for easy tracking. Should one key gets lost or stolen, you can change all locks for security purposes.

You are responsible for keeping your assets and employees safe. With the property security measures above, you can turn your business into a fortress that burglars can’t access.