Do Not Lose Natural Teeth: Know Your Tooth Saving Options

Dentist in Indianapolis

Ask any good and dependable dentist about tooth decay and you will get the same answer: you do not have to lose your natural teeth to this very common problem. While more severe cases of cavities (or caries) may already require extraction, your best bet remains the same: salvaging natural tooth before the disease completely eats away at its structure.

Personal hygiene cannot completely block decay

You already know the importance of personal oral hygiene, which involves brushing, flossing, and rinsing at least twice a day or after every meal. All these can help prevent the bacteria in your mouth from wreaking havoc in the form of the enamel-damaging acids these microorganisms produce, Gentle Dentist states.

However, decay can still set in, especially when you feel too confident about your personal oral hygiene practices that you no longer pay your dentist regular visits.

Preventive measures

Unless you are a dentist yourself, you do not have any way of detecting the early signs of cavities. In fact, even licensed dentists have their own personal oral health care providers who help them achieve optimal dental health.

You can prevent cavities from becoming full-blown diseases by having an Indianapolis family dental health care provider give you regular check-ups. Only dentists have the trained eye, skills, and tools to detect the earliest (and smallest) signs of decay, and provide you with the best approach to prevent it from worsening. Regular, professionally-carried out cleanings and sealants are two of the best preventive measures for combating cavities.

Salvaging deceased tooth

In cases wherein the decay has already reached the dentin, the interior area of your teeth, consisting of extremely small nerve endings, your dentist will recommend procedures that can still salvage the affected tooth. Only good and highly experienced dentists will do this since they understand the importance and value of maintaining all your natural teeth.

As the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) cites, you can still save your diseased tooth through a root canal treatment or retreatment. Undergoing endodontic surgery can also help you avoid having your affected tooth extracted.