Diving Gear Guide for Beginners

Diving Gear Guide in Auckland

Vast waters surround New Zealand. It is no wonder then that the country has a wealth of diving and swimming spots. There may be no better activity to do in New Zealand except to immerse yourself under the deep blue waters, according to the professional divers from Diving Academy Ltd.

Diving Paradise

You can discover the underwater world in many diving locations throughout the country. You can enrol in a dive course in a dive shop 20 minutes north of Auckland if you are a first timer. You can rent equipment during your first time.

Diving Essentials

Should you continue diving as a hobby, you can buy your equipment from the dive shop itself or from its online store. When you buy your diving equipment, you may not have any idea what to buy. Here’s a short guide to help you with the basics.

For Sight

The basic equipment includes the mask. It helps you see underwater and helps you equalize pressure in your mask through the nose pocket. The best mask to choose is the one that fits your head just right.

For Breathing

The next piece of equipment is the snorkel. You use it to conserve air in your tank when you are still on the surface of the water. The best snorkels allow you to breathe dry and comfortably.

For Movement

Fins are another important equipment, which you use to move in the water with ease. You can choose between full foot fins, better for snorkelling, and open-heeled fins, which require booties. You should also consider size and stiffness. For beginners, smaller and more flexible fins are recommended.

For Insulation

The last important basic equipment is the exposure protection suit. It helps you keep warm in cold waters. The best suit should fit you perfectly; it should be without any loose parts or gaps. At the same time, the suit must also allow your body to breathe and move well.

The advanced equipment are a buoyancy compensator, a regulator, and a diving computer. You can learn about the advanced equipment from your instructor or from the dive shop north of Auckland.