Do Not Disturb, The Boudoir is Under Renovation: Hotel-Style Bedroom Tips

Hotel appeal is a hit in home bedroom design. Roomy bed sets, elegant headboards and fairy tale-like drapery are the elements of hotel-style bedrooms that make spaces seem like personal refuge.

drapery from trusty furniture store

Here are ways to transform your bleak bedroom into a hotel-style suite:

Embrace the Darkness in Your Room

Instead of ranting about your bedroom’s lighting challenges, embrace them. This adds drama similar to a suite room. Increase the brightness in your space with off-white walls and a fresh, light-colored rug for an ethereal appeal. If your bedroom is too bright, add drapery from a trusty furniture store. Dimmed spaces are ideal for curling up, reading a book, and chatting.

Add Comfort like those of the World’s Best Hotels

If you recently slept at a hotel and enjoyed the bed so much that you want to take it home, there’s no need. For a bedroom that gives you comfort like those of the renowned hotels in the world, look for memory foam that mildly conforms to your body and outlines your sleeping position. It also feels and works almost exactly like those in hotel suits, but at lower prices.

Boring is the only word that cutting-edge hotels avoid. If you want to incorporate hotel-style features, then follow your impulses, break the rules, and take a chance.