Dirty and Stained Carpets? Let Carpet Cleaners Do the Job for You

Dirty and Stained Carpets

It could take us forever to clean dirty and stained carpets. That’s because we are not experts when it comes to this task, and we sometimes don’t even have the machines do the job.

Fortunately, there are carpet cleaners in South Jordan who can take care of cleaning your carpets. You will not only be saving time and effort, but it also assures you that these cleaners will do a better job than you will.

What Carpet Cleaners Do

Dry cleaning is a thing of the past. Carpet cleaners now prefer to use a special steam machine to get rid of stains and dirt. Compared to dry carpet cleaning, steaming is more effective in removing stains and dirt. Aspotlesscarpetcleaning.com explains why.


The nozzle of the steam machine directly hits the carpet, which means heat directly applies to the carpet. The released steam from the nozzle allows stains and dirt to dissolve quickly as it evaporates inside the steam machine.

As the nozzle of steam glides through the carpet, it releases steam continually on the carpet, making cleaning easier. On the other hand, you would need a buffing pad on the dry cleaner to remove stains and dirt and it does not clean as efficiently as a steamer.

How a Steamer Functions

Steam operates on hot water and cleaning agents. Like laundering, carpet cleaners need to wash and rinse carpets. Moreover, like any laundry, you need to dry out carpets, otherwise molds can build up and emit unpleasant odors. For a finishing touch, the carpet cleaner would then buff your carpet to remove moisture, and then ventilate it afterwards.

Stains and dirt – from footprints to spills and pet dander – always abuse carpets. You can vacuum them everyday to get rid of shallow dirt. To make sure that your carpets are well maintained and cleaned however, try to get them professionally cleaned at least every six months.

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