Design Dilemma: 3 Ways to Deal with Unsightly Stuff in the Yard

Small house with backyard

Improving curb appeal sometimes takes more than repainting the front door or rearranging the plants in the garden. The ugly side of it is dealing with the unsightly stuff in the yard. You know well what these are—trash bins, gas and electric meters, concrete lids of septic tanks, etc.

Of course, it would be easy if you can just get rid of them. The problem is you can’t. There are, however, clever ways to deal with them.

1. Hide Them

This is, of course, the first, obvious fix. A fence would help in obscuring views of ugly yard elements. You can use them in one area of the house, concealing that trash bin or air conditioning unit or around the perimeter of your property. Most contemporary homes feature metal fences from companies like, as these add a sense of sophistication. The material also requires less maintenance and could last for years without rusting.

2. Blend Them In

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint would do the trick. Paint your trash bins with the same color of the wall near where they’re stationed. When seen from a far distance, the bin will be unnoticeable as it blends into the wall. Another way you can do to mix the unsightly stuff with the existing elements in your yard is to use plants. Place large potted plants around your AC unit so that they could blend into your overall landscaping design.

3. Capture the Eyes

Drive the attention away from the unsightly stuff to what’s beautiful. Have at least one element in your yard that’s worth looking at. This could be a bright, bold red front door, a vintage mailbox, or a home number displayed in words instead of numbers. It would be better if you will have different points of visual interest, say, various pops of colors from flowers in the yard.

While unsightly things in your yard are a nightmare, they could be opportunities to let your aesthetic flair run wild. So, keep calm and don’t let garden hoses and gas meters keep you from designing for better visual appeal.