Creating a Beautiful Home Begins with Quality Paint

Home Paint

The paintwork of a home is one of the factors contributing to its attractiveness. Curtains, tiling and floor finishes are nothing if your house has a substandard and an unflattering paint job.

According to some professional painting contractors in Perth, the final finish can transform an ordinary house into a spectacular residence.  This is why using quality paint is very important.

When it comes to paint, you shouldn’t compromise. Learn about the ingredients of high quality paint.

Premium Quality Binder

Binder provides a solid film on the surface of the paint once the water evaporated. It controls how the paint dries and fuses together. Paints with better binders hide flaws well, last longer, and look solid and neat. Different types of paint have different binders. Latex paints use polymers, and oil paints use alkyds.

Paints with at least 30% binder are of good quality. Paints with higher binder percentage are more expensive though. But the extra cost is worth it because these are more durable and have a better adhesive bond.

High Level of Prime Pigments

Pigments are ground powder that provides colour to the paint. Prime pigments are good at hiding flaws in the wall, while extender pigments give more bulk.

Paints use different  percentages of prime and extender pigments. Every combination is made for a particular purpose. There is a type ideal for exterior walls and there’s also a combination designed for interior walls.

Enough Amounts of Additives

Additives enhance the paint in several ways. These provide more thickness and adhesion. They also prevent mildew or burst bubbles.

Additives make painting easier and faster by improving the flow of the paint when being applied. These ingredients also control the foam and improve the paint’s finished appearance. Some additives block UV rays and prevent bacterial growth.

Long-lasting Paint Finish

Paint finish enhances the look of the paint and provides protection. High quality paint with flat finish may not be as durable as less expensive paint with a glossy finish. Therefore, the paint finish to choose should be according to the room’s purpose.

Each type of paint has different property combinations to match a particular painting need. Often, the choice depends on the purpose of the room and whether it’s for interior or exterior paint job. Whatever your painting needs are, always choose premium quality paint.