Cooling Your House Naturally – A Few Tips

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Have you ever sat back and wondered whether you can reduce the cooling costs in your house? Do you think it is possible to forget about your air conditioner? Well, experts with sustainable houses in Perth such as Custom Green use various methods to reduce energy consumption in the house, including replacing the AC with natural cooling tricks. Here are a few of those strategies.

Prevent Entry of Heat

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. In this case, it is better to stop heat in its path than deal with it when the room is already stuffy. Insulation is obviously the most common way of keeping off heat. Weather-strip and caulk your windows and doors. Insulate the attic floor to prevent heat radiation. Other prevention measures include using shading techniques and installing reflective barriers.

Eliminate Sources of Heat

Heat production within the house can also affect your bills considerably. Did you know that the incandescent bulb discards 95% of its energy consumption as heat? If you are still using the inefficient lights, switch to modern LED light bulbs. Consider line drying your clothes-dryers and washers produce so much heat. You can also use a window fan instead of the ac if outside temperature is below 25 degrees.

Discard Heat

Removing heat from the house in a more natural way is possible even through simple modifications and exercises. If your house is storied, use the ‘thermal siphoning’ technique. This involves opening the lower windows on the side facing the breeze and opening the upper windows in the opposite side. Other ways of removing heat are thermostat settings, using ceiling fans and installing roof vents.


With studies showing that many homeowners oversize their air conditioning units, there is a chance that you are paying more than you should to cool your home. Probably, you should not even be paying a penny. Try the natural cooling methods suggested here to see if you can achieve enough comfort levels and reduce your monthly bills drastically.