College Life Advice: Avoiding Stress

College Life in West

College life isn’t all fun and parties and spending some time with a boy or girl you met in geometry class. For most students who are at least a bit serious about learning and earning a degree, the majority of their time is spent in class, reading, listening, reciting, writing and studying. The stress can build up, especially during exam days. Whilst stress fuels you to perform at your best, you also need to take a break now and then to avoid burning out or putting your health at risk.

Spend some time alone

People are good to have around when you’re tired from all the studying and cramming to pass the tests, but there are moments that you have to spend alone. Sit on the grass, under the shade of a tree and just take a few deep breaths, close your eyes for a minute and enjoy the calming effect of the breeze. When you get on your feet, you’ll feel more ready to take on another bout of lessons.

Call a friend or two

Being alone is therapeutic, but being with friends is also good for you. So when you’re not spending a break by yourself on the grounds or in the library, spend a few minutes just talking and laughing with friends. This is a proven stress buster that will get you through the day.

Spend a holiday

When you can, like between semesters, take a holiday. A short break in Bath is an effective way to rid your body of the toxins brought on by stress, advises Bailbrook Lodge. Go alone or with a buddy. The idea is to have a quiet few days just loosening up and feeling better.

Go home

If the distance is manageable, and the expense is no object, go home to mum and dad and enjoy a home-cooked dinner whilst catching up. Your parents will be glad and you’ll feel better. When you drive back to your dorm, you’ll feel recharged.

As there are multitudes of ways to get stress, there are as many to detox.