Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore: Focus on These Three Areas


Your home needs regular upkeep to maintain its appeal. From time to time, you must devote an entire day to cleaning the house and sorting the trash for disposal. It is a tedious but necessary chore. Some people are not fond of this task, as it takes an insane amount of discipline and commitment to follow through.

You can simplify and streamline the cleaning day by focusing on three key areas:

The General Rooms

General rooms are the areas that you frequently use, such as the master’s bedroom, the living room and the kitchen. These areas may only need superficial cleaning. Sweep and mop the floor in these areas once every day. Take out the trash every other day, so it does not pile up and clutter. Following a schedule will help you form a cleaning habit. Apart from this, this will make your mood better when you’re at home.

The Bathroom

The bathroom needs special attention. It is important to keep this area squeaky clean every week. After all, there is nothing more repulsive than a dirty bathroom. Give the floors a good scrub once a week. Brush the toilet and make sure the drainage is not broken. For leaks, contact your local plumber. Newcastle plumbing companies can help you fix any problem with your bathroom.

The Porch

Appearances matter. If your porch looks rundown and littered with fallen leaves, your property will look anything but appealing. More than that, the outside of your house is a reflection of your cleanliness standards. Sweep the porch, rake the leaves, and clear the front of clutter. Do this cleaning routine every other day.

Clean these three areas regularly to reduce your burden when spring-cleaning comes. It also helps to get the entire family involved to instil habits and make regular upkeep less of a chore.

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