Choosing Industrial Pumps for Your Mining Application

Mechanic Working on Mining Machinery

From supplying water to the mining site to pumping out the slurry, industrial pumps are critical components in different stages of the mining process. These pumps should be sturdy due to the nature of the work at the mining site. Your choice of a pump will, however, depend on the mining processes, the distance of transportation, and the materials on site.

Toolkwip Pumps warns that choosing the wrong pump may result in inefficient mining processes and a reduction in productivity. But, how is the industrial pump transferring materials at a mining site?

In mining sites, the solids usually undergo hydro transportation; that is, the use of water to move the solid materials. The shape and size of particles limit the type of pump that you can use without creating blockages. When water mixes with the solids, it forms a thick fluid called slurry, which properties can vary from mildly to highly abrasive. You need to use specialised pumps to move this mixture.

Here are the three common types of slurry pumps on the market:

Floatation Froths

When the froth contains air, it compromises the performance of the pump. Therefore, there is a need for a high-volume pump that eliminates air from the froth and further pumps the remainder of the slurry.

Tailings Transfers

These pumps help in pumping out tailings and the fine resultant particles from mining processes. These pumps also move chemical by-products from the process.

Cyclone Feeds

These pumps find applications in hard rock mining sites as do the tailings transfer pumps. They are likewise useful in mining sites that use dredging processes. These pumps are capable of sorting solids according to size, making them useful in scalping applications.

Getting the right type of industrial pump for the slurry that you are handling in your mining site minimises the number of times you will need to repair, maintain, or replace your pump. In addition, you get to maintain a safe work environment for the workers.