Charity Starts at Home: Get Involved with Organizations that Improve the Lives of Utah Locals

Volunteer family segregating donations

“Charity begins at home” primarily means looking after the welfare of your family and friends. More than that, however, it means doing what you can to improve the community in which you live.

Take Mobley Foundation for Charitable Surgery as an example. The internationally recognized and locally admired foundation makes every surgery count by donating a portion of every procedure performed at Mobley MD to children of low-income families and to women recovering from abusive relationships. Through foundations like this, you can get involved with charitable organizations that improve the lives of women and children throughout Utah.

Shop With A Cop

The Shop With A Cop program is a well-received program in communities throughout Utah. Generally held during the holidays, the program pairs a police officer with a child who both go for breakfast and a morning of shopping for new clothes and other holiday gifts. Children chosen for this program include those who have experienced a negative situation with law enforcement; the program aims to turn their negative view of law enforcement into a positive one.

U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots

Every child deserves to experience the magic of the holidays. The Marine Toys for Tots Program, run by dedicated U.S. Marine Reserves and local volunteers, gather monetary contributions, toys, books, and other gifts that will be distributed among less fortunate children during Christmas. The top-rated charity delivers the message of hope to less fortunate children during October, November, and December.

The Salt Lake City Adoption Exchange

The Adoption Exchange is a non-profit organization that connects children waiting in foster care with a permanent family who cares for them. It continues to innovate the adoption process to establish safety and permanence in the lives of children.

Luke’s Wings

This organization is dedicated to comforting service members who have been wounded in battle. It does so by providing families with the means to visit during the service member’s hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Which of these organizations is closest to your heart?