Cervical Spine Surgery: Post-Surgery Preparation

a doctor and a patient discussing the effects of a surgery

Days before your scheduled surgery at the medical facility, prepare your home to make the recovery process easier. You can ask for help so you recover faster. For now, focus on creating a comfortable recovery sanctuary in your own home.

Your preparations must include the following:

1. Position your phone in a convenient place, like near the chair or bed.

2. Buy easy-to-prepare meals or prepare food in advance before heading to the hospital. Otherwise, have a family member prepare it for you.

3. Assign a loved one that will be able to assist you with chores, such as shopping.

4. Move cooking utensils, pans, pots and food to counter tops or high shelves, so you don’t have to bend to reach it.

5. Relocate your toiletries, clothing and shoes at a height you can easily reach that doesn’t require bending.

6. Secure or remove throw rugs to avoid tripping over them.

With this, you basically have to consider all the changes that you have to make if you’re required to just stay on one floor.

After the surgery, you’ll have to go back home by car, either you have to lie down in the back seat or have the front passenger seat reclined. It’s something you can plan with your cervical spine specialist in Fort Worth. You will have to organize your own transport back home, so have a family member come with you during the surgery or just have them pick you up.

As soon as you’re back home, your doctor won’t allow you until a certain time has passed. The truth is, it’s illegal to drive while wearing a brace or collar. As a passenger, though, you’re allowed to have short car rides.

There are several things to consider after your surgery, so make sure that you discuss everything with your surgeon. They will be able to give you some advice on how to easily and quickly recover from your surgery.