A Career with Many Roles: How You Can Be a Better Trainer


A career in health and fitness is one of the most lucrative jobs today. As the industry grows, it provides more and more rewarding opportunities that can help you on your way to success. Though it may seem easy, being a personal trainer is full of challenges.

Whether you are planning to take a personal training course or hiring an experienced fitness mentor, you need to invest in yourself before you set foot in the gym. Read on to know what could be your roles as a personal trainer and how you can be better.

Fitness Buddy

As a personal trainer, you should know how to foster a professional working relationship with colleagues and clients. Your passion for being fit, healthy and active allows you to be a workout buddy for your customers. Think of yourself as a teacher and a friend. You should be someone who greets them happily, teach them carefully and make every gym session worthwhile.

The fitness professionals at FitnessU, says that being a personal trainer means “you will be able to design, deliver and lead exercise programs for individuals and groups. You will possess the knowledge to offer a wide range of relevant instructing and fitness-specific skills to provide appropriate exercise prescription and delivery to your clients.”


If you have an ability to inspire people to go to the gym and get them amped up, then you are not just a personal trainer, but also a great motivator. You should be full of encouragement, enlightenment and kind words.

Good personal trainers should have good communication and listening skills, as it can boost customer satisfaction and strengthen relationship. Your responsibility is to bring out the best in people, so come up with ideas on how to keep the interest alive.

Chances are, you have come to realise that you can be good at fitness training. If you want to be a trusted personal trainer, you should prepare to play multiple roles.

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