Camping: More than Packing Bags and Communing with Nature

CampingDecided to brave the outdoors and go camping? Understand that it’s more than just choosing a destination, packing your bags, and being one with nature.

You need to consider the practicalities of setting up camp if you want a positively memorable experience. As such, be careful when picking out a tent — it will be your home from home, after all. Choose a stable generator as well and pair it with a reliable mobile fuel tank. Durotank’s fuel storage cubes are ideal in arduous on-site conditions, so you don’t have to worry about it when juicing up your generator.

Choosing and Assembling a Tent

If you want a comfortable camping trip, you need to be aware of your tent choices. The sheer range of tent styles and designs is enough to make your head spin, however. Keep yourself from drowning in tent choices by keeping this crucial factor in mind: versatility.

Unless you are gearing up for some time in the snow, a contemporary three-season tent might be your best bet. Apart from checking the ease with which you could pitch it, consider whether the vestibule space is generous enough for sufficient ventilation without inviting rain and morning dew inside.

Furthermore, make sure its material has good UV resistance and is durable enough for most types of rain — even when you’re camping during the summer.

Getting a Generator Up and Running

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds when camping? Roughing it is certainly an option, but you can commune with nature without sacrificing your creature comforts. Once you get the tent setup out of the way, take the time to get your generator up and running.

With a generator, you can make the camping site livelier with outdoor lights and keep bugs away with an electric zapper. You can also cool the tent with a fan, cook a proper meal and charge your cell phone when needed.

Keep in mind, however, that the generator also runs on something, so you would need a mobile fuel tank to keep it running steadily and smoothly.

With an awareness of the ideal tent choice and the importance of getting a generator up and running, you will maximise the adventure you’ll have on your camping trip and the ones to follow.