Buying or Developing Traffic: Is There a Difference?

Web Traffic Concept

The presence of the Internet added a layer of difficulty to running a business. It used to be that you had to get your name out in the public so that everyone would have a go talking about it. As if that were trying enough, you now also have to make yourself known in online circles. Even worse, if you do not make it online, there is real doubt whether your business has what it takes to succeed.

The merits of having the Internet, however, outnumber the obligations it brings. It does make extra staff necessary to look over the website and social media networks, but it does make a business immediately visible to a whole lot more people. It takes a lot of effort to respond to customer enquiries and give appreciation shout-outs to people who publicly declared love for your brand, but through the Internet, this just became easier on so many levels.

Behind all this is traffic, and it is actually the blood that gives life to online advertising, websites and everything on the Internet.

The Pragmatic Way

In football, there are two ways that teams play: by retaining possession or by counter attacking. The former is an aesthetic method, delighting fans and splitting defences with one-touch passes. The latter relies on every chance the team has the ball and they try to move as forward as much as possible to score a goal. In relation to online traffic, these are your SEO and traffic-heavy methods.

Search engine optimisation depends heavily on establishing a website’s reputation in the eyes of Google. The luxury SEO cannot afford you is time because usually, campaigns take time to yield significant results. On the other hand, buying traffic addresses the lack of viewers directly. Visitorz says that they are able to do this by buying domains and through pop-up ads.

The Ambiguous Part

Here is where buying traffic becomes a little strange. Pop-up ads are one of the reasons why ad blockers exist. Therefore, if it is so legitimate, why is it a target for blockers? The simple truth is that it can impede a visitor’s browsing experience. People are slowly accepting it and that is only true when a reputable company is using the pops. The best thing is to partner with a reputable traffic booster to avoid developing a dubious reputation.

Should you take the way of traffic vendors, please be sure that you are with someone who does not hide how they get traffic for your website. They have their own ways but none of them have to be shady.