Building a Safety Culture in the Work Area

Construction Site in Australia

The safety of workers is worth more than everything on the site, and there is nothing that can replace them in their families. This is why safety is a critical issue, from start to finish and no matter the size of the project. As a contractor or foreman, you probably know already that you cannot take one step knowing that one of your men is in danger.

Yet, you also know that you cannot control all circumstances, and you certainly do not know who is going to commit that life-threatening mistake. Nevertheless, these are risks that come with the job. Your workers know this, and they accept the dangers provided you will put them farthest from it.

With that in mind, you may want to employ some techniques to keep safety in everyone’s mind.

Safety: A Daily Topic of Conversation

There is nothing else more effective way of keeping everyone safe than talking about it. But you have to make sure that what you say about safety embeds in their minds. One great way of greeting everyone with safety concerns is by putting a lighted message where everyone can see. It is something companies such as Classic Hire provide. It may not be the first one on the shopping list, but it is a great addition.

Prohibiting Substance Abuse

Others may think smoking a cigarette or downing a pint before work is completely safe, but it really is not. An inebriated worker can put many people in danger, especially if he works at heights. So, it would be better to make it a rule never to take anything before or during work. Something as small as a lit cigarette can light the whole place up if it touches the wrong liquid substance.

Focus on Fall Management

Even though operating machinery and working under the influence is very dangerous, none is more lethal than falling. More often than not, it only stems from something so simple: lack of awareness. It is such a waste when a worker cuts his life short because of this.

Nonetheless, while planning several aspects of the project, include fall management in each part. That is the only way you can ensure that people will not be falling over, aside from talking about safety every day.

Safety is a multi-faceted thing in construction sites. There is no way to keep everyone away from danger, which is why you should strive to make everyone aware of what might happen and what they can do about it.