Bridge Those Gaps Between Your Teeth

Young woman laughing teeth gap showing

One of the most common dental problems in the United Kingdom is having gapped teeth, which affects many British children and adults. And while some people consider this as a minor aesthetic problem, it can cause great embarrassment for many others.

Fortunately, you no longer have to keep hiding your smile just because of those gaps between your teeth. When you go for teeth bonding treatment in London, you can finally bridge those gaps and find yourself smiling more frequently.

Fixing more than just chipped tooth

Dental bonding offers both a temporary and permanent solution to several issues affecting the appearance of the teeth. These include cracked, discoloured, and misshaped teeth. And because it is one of the quickest, most cost-effective treatments for such problems, many British patients opt to undergo it.

But it can fix more than just the aforementioned teeth aesthetic imperfections. Individuals who have large, irregular spaces separating their teeth can also undergo this procedure to get rid of the gaps. If you do not want or have to get dental braces, you can go with teeth bonding instead.

Cheaper than veneers

You have several options to correct gapped teeth aside from bonding and orthodontics. You can also go to a London cosmetic dentist for veneers. Like bonding, the process involves applying a material – such as porcelain – on the surface of the tooth to fix shape or colour issues.

Because it allows for the resizing of teeth, it may also diminish the space between teeth. The major drawback to veneers is the price, as they cost more than bonding. Preparation and application also take longer. However, they have stronger resistance to staining and have a longer lifespan than the latter.

Depending on the severity of your gapped teeth problem, you may want to consider investing in bonding. This may work better for you if you have large spaces between your teeth, or if you cannot afford to wait for the results of dental braces.