Breaking Weddings: 3 Ways Millennials Are Redefining the Marriage Ceremony

Guests throwing confetti over bride and groom

When it comes to breaking traditions about relationships, leave it to the millennials. From delaying marriage and not having kids to scoring a date with a few swipes and proposing to partners in avocadoes, you can count on them in redefining societal conventions. And that very well includes the ultimate romantic tradition, the wedding.

Not that it’s necessarily bad, but this just goes to show that even in love, there indeed exists a stark difference between milennials and the generations before them. Here are the ways millennials are redefining weddings:

1. Going a bit Lavish

Millennials are spending more than their parents did on their weddings. Also, the average expenses are on a steady rise in the last five years. Most couples, across the board, spend almost £27,000 in ceremonies. This is still an average, of course. But there are also millennials who go beyond the average and choose more extravagant weddings. In fact, luxury wedding planners in London say that with the influence of social media, more young couples want to achieve their #weddinggoals.

2. Ditching the Church

Not that they don’t believe in the sanctity of marriage; it’s more of a venue consideration. Remember that millennials are the selfie generation, so they’re serious about personalising their wedding ceremonies. So, a lot of them think that they’re able to do that freely and style their event better when they’re outdoors, in beaches or gardens. One of the top venue choices among couples is country or manor houses in London.

3. Planning Online

Before wedding inspiration boards are all about cutting bridal dresses in magazines and pasting them on papers is the thing, today’s couples are going online to find inspiration and put up their vision boards. Pinterest and Instagram are popular platforms millennials use for style and design pegs, from wedding gowns down to invitations.

Moreover, couples are putting up their own wedding websites to share event details to families and friends. And of course, they create social media groups to better reach out to their social circles.

As with other things, millennials are redefining weddings. If you’re a millennial couple, what’s one tradition you would do differently?