Better Asset Management: Quick Guide to ISO 55000

enterprise asset management

Those in the asset-intensive industries like construction and mining know full well how important it is to comply with the high standards. As effective management of assets has a huge bearing on the quality of production and operation, business owners should make sure they are equipped to meet the requirements.

The ISO55000 standard allows companies to develop, to improve, and to maintain their asset life cycle. Coupled with the many reliable enterprise assets management software available today, you can better ensure your business operations are of the current standards.

Here are other things you should know about the ISO55000 series:

PAS 55

The International Standards Organization (ISO) uses the PAS 55, the British equivalent of such standards, as basis for the ISO 55000. The first of the standards series provides the overview, concepts, and terminology. The second, ISO 55001, specifies the requirements. Finally, ISO 55002 underlines interpretation and implementation guidelines.

Three Paths to Certification

There are three ways to get your business ISO-certified:

• Customers, or anyone with interest in your business confirming your business’s conformance to the standards.
• Declaring your business is ISO compliant.
• An external organisation certifying or registering your asset management system.

Software Solutions

You can better comply with such asset maintenance framework with quality EAM software. Fortunately, business tool providers like Mainpac give intensive support and professional assistance. With their help, you can optimise your management operations and minimise needless expenses.