Benefits of Speed Doors

sliding door

A speed door is a very efficient type of overhead door that is increasingly becoming a major doorway improvement for many establishments. Doors and doorways are more than points of entry or exit. They also serve as security features of any building or structure. With a speed door, the benefits are even more apparent.

Good investment

Speed doors are a perfect investment for a business or a structure that wants to lower their door operation costs. They improve safety and help manage the flow of materials and vehicles in and out of the building.

The rapidity of how a speed door closes and opens provides ease in the entry and exit of goods and other objects. This also allows for a longer and more effective operating life, producing obvious returns to the establishment.

Other benefits

Speed doors are good additions to a business as they improve many operational activities within the establishment. These types of doors:

1. Generally have low maintenance and operational costs,

2. Minimise energy usage,

3. Increase security because open periods are shortened,

4. Reduce the flow of air, and

5. Minimise incidents of vehicle collisions.

Better than roll-up doors

Most overhead doors are the conventional types, such as roll-up doors. Compared to roll-up doors, speed doors can lower the cost per cycle. This is due to their design, which is an outcome of specifications in terms of use. With lower costs per cycle (at least 4 cents cheaper per cycle), the cost of installation can be recouped in less than two years.

If you are thinking of adding a speed door to your building or replacing your old roll-up door, consider certain specification requirements by which you can model or fit your speed door based on your needs. A speed door is an essential mechanical improvement that is cost-effective and investment-worthy.