Bedbug Facts You May Not Know

A bed bug

Chances are you or a person close to you has had an encounter with bedbugs. It might have been in a college dorm, travel bus, an office, a hotel room, or even in an otherwise scrupulously clean bedroom. This pesky insect has more secrets than you may know, regardless of where they get you. Yes, even in Utah. Here are some bedbug facts you need to know to help you get rid of these pesky bedbugs in Utah.

Bedbugs are smart and elusive

Bedbugs just know where and when to hide. During the day they keep in places hidden and inaccessible to you, such as baseboards, box springs, picture frames, mattress crevices, electrical switch plates, and behind wallpapers. At night, however, they come out of hiding and rush straight to you, guided by the carbon dioxide that you exhale as you sleep.

Bedbugs are hardy

These stubborn pests can go for months without feeding on blood. That means they will hang around in your furniture, bags, and suitcases until the day they will come near a human host again. Moreover, bedbugs can survive in temperatures as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit or as low as near-freezing. As a result, no DIY measure can deal with these bugs effectively. High-quality professional intervention is necessary for effective treatment of bedbug infestation.

Extensive anesthesiology

Bedbug saliva has anesthetic properties and makes your blood flow faster. This is why a bedbug bite is fast and is painless to you. After feeding, the bugs go into hiding for 5-10 days to digest your blood, mate, and lay eggs.

If you have a bedbug infestation, do not go the DIY route. Seek a licensed pest control professional to inspect your home and prepare an effective infestation treatment plan.